Hey! I’m Felix, a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, co-advised by Rupak Majumdar and Damien Zufferey.

My main research area is formal methods for concurrent and distributed systems. My current focus is analysis of message-passing programs. These consist of a collection of processes which interact exclusively by exchanging messages asynchronously. I try to understand how we can check that such programs behave as they should. If you are curious about details, my Research section is the place to go for publications and my Software section gives an overview of software projects.

In 2022, I spent half a year with Nikos Vasilakis at MIT CSAIL working on the shell script parallelization framework PaSh.

Before my PhD studies, I got a Masters degree from University of Saarland. During that time, I did a half-year research internship at Imperial College London with Emanuele D’Osualdo and Philippa Gardner.

By the way, feel free to (asynchronously 😉) send me a message if something piques your interest, or you just want to say hi!